Fusion of Art and Education (FAE)

In the strategic partnership FAE (Fusion of Art and Education) we will focus on the cooperation between adult educators and artists. We think this collaboration will help to develop the competences for the artists and the adult educators to launch educational and artistic projects, which are important for the future of democracy and participation. Involved are four expierenced organisations from Germany (HochVier - Gesellschaft für politische und Interkulturelle Bildung), Italy (CESIE), Portugal (Embaixada da Juventude) and Austria (uniT GmbH).


WE will do a research about the state of the art of the use of art and artists in adult education, organize exemplary artistic and educational courses/events/pilot projects and give recommandations about a further fruitful collaboration of art and education.

Target Groups

1.) For the residents of the involved regions, communities or urban spaces the project will

  • give the participants a voice, make their needs visible and audible. The projects have to involve residents or members of the chosen community to reflect on their situation by using the means of art.
  • foster and stimulate dialogue, communication and discussion among the participants.
  • increase democratic participation and democratic development of society

2.) Results for the artists

  • The project gives the artists a chance to demonstrate what art can do for a society, communities etc.
  • It can give an example of a two- way cooperation between art and adult education, which can also be a role model for other types of cooperation with other important institutions in society.
  • It will increase the competences of artists to run this type of project in cooperation together with other institutions.
3.) Results for the adult educators and adult education organisations

  • Gathering experiences how arts and adult education can cooperate, how the different approaches can create synergetic effects for the final beneficiaries and how the different roles in the project can be defined clearly, so that all the partners can bring in their own strengths
  • Increasing the competences to implement such cooperative projects and to see what additional competencies adult educators and organisations working in the field of adult education will need to run these projects and to implement the cooperation successfully
  • Motivating organisations for adult education to engage artists for projects
4.) Results for target groups of dissemination

  • Artists’ unions and organizations, artists, adult educators, and their organizations as well as politicians and stakeholders are here target groups. The project offers good practice examples, ideas, concepts and recommendations for cooperation between art and education.
Study about the situation concerning the collaboration of arts/artists and adult education/adult educators

As already written, artists and cultural/artistic education can make an important contribution to community development and to a strong democracy, participatory development of society, etc. We want to summarize these activities and projects and show examples of good practice in a short and comprehensive way and to give an overview of the state of the art academic and pedagogical discussion. Each partner organization is focusing on the situation in their own country and as far as they know about other European countries.