European Values through European Intelligence

The aim of this international project is to develop an innovative approach in the provision of common European values to adult learners and beyond, based on the underlying principles of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) that enhances capability to relate and work across cultures.
In this project partner organisations from Germany, Macedonia, Austria, Denmark and England are working together.

The attractiveness of Europe as a common idea based on shared values and principles seems to have decreased in many member states across Europe with the rise of popular nationalism. Respect for shared European values has always underpinned EU actions in education and youth and the EU is committed to strengthen actions “to ensure that children and youth acquire social, civic and cultural competences and enhance their critical thinking”.

A key objective of the project is to write, publish and disseminate a multi-lingual guidebook to support the practical development of strategies to enhance learning and teaching of European values. This will include methodologies, examples of practice and resources for teaching staff, stakeholders and for those working in less formal provision such as self-directed learning groups and those offering one to one tutorial support.